Sonargoan Ancient Capital

Sonargoan Ancient Capital of Bengal (day long trip)

Early morning travel from Dhaka takes you to Isa Khan’s capital city. The historic “Golden City”, established in the 14th century, takes you back in time. Visit the museums and library, ride a paddleboat along the quiet canal and see a traditional craft village that features the queen of fabrics- Jamdani. Weavers use looms in the time honored method handed down father to son for generations.

A short rickshaw ride away is Panam City, home of the upper classes in the 19th century.  YBT can provide a picnic lunch to eat under the many trees for this half-day excursion.

If you desire, YBT can arrange your return to Dhaka by river cruise where you can have a leisurely lunch and enjoy the countryside as did Moroccan traveler, Ibn Battuta, during his visit over 600 years ago.


Travel to Comilla where you can visit the Commonwealth War memorial, one of only two World War II cemeteries in Bangladesh. Then on to Mainamati This the most important Buddhist archaeological sites in Bangladesh, dating from the 7th century.

Tour features:

-Historic Sonargoan City and museum, Jamdani weavers, Panam city

-Lunch either in the park of Sonargoan museum or aboard River cruiser

-Travel to WWII memorial

-Ancient Buddhist civilization