Dhaka in Brief

Dhaka in Brief

Dhaka is a city for the senses. Your eyes are immediately dazzled by the flurry of activity that greets you.  Ears soon take notice of the ringing rickshaw bells, the call to pray and beckoning of the street vendors. Your nose will alert to scents familiar, strange, fragrant and foul. Your mouth anticipates flavor as the warmth of the byrianni is felt by your fingers.

Dhaka is a city of color.  The Ahsan Manjil still displays the pink blush of youth, gracing the banks of the Buriganga River, watching its rise and fall as she has done over the centuries.  The burst of unimaginable hues of the flower sellers; the few remaining rice paddies of the city present an amazingly intense green.

Dhaka is a city of food.  Exotic fruit, luscious vegetables picked at the height of the season are provided by the hundreds of bazaars. Restaurants, coffee shops, tea stalls and even the roadside stall offer delectable regional fare that will leave you yearning for more.

Dhaka is a city of texture.  Sharees of silk, shalwars in the finest cottons, jamdani woven in the time honor tradition that made this area renowned.  Muslins so fine it is said that a meter could be folded into a matchbox. Fibers of jute used for bags, bamboo for baskets and threads intertwined creating the intricate patterns of Nakshi Katha.  Gold gleaming like the sun, clay used for the common to the exquisite, brass objects forged in sweltering furnaces are etched by craftsmen skilled in their trade.

Dhaka is fascination, frustration, fun, and faith.  Dhaka is a city build from the remains of the past and hope for the future. Dhaka is a treasure for your discovery. Dhaka is what your heart desires. Dhaka is……