Help Nepal through your tourism



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Help Nepal through your tourism

As a result of the earthquake in Nepal, many people lost their lives, their homes and their income. The tourism sector was hit a sledge-hammer blow from which it has yet to recover. Despite the devastating earthquake, Nepal is still a beautiful country to visit and the people are extraordinarily friendly.

So if you are planning a holiday, do think Nepal and travel with us. We will show you the country like no one else can and you’ll love every bit guaranteed!

We worked with the post earthquake victims in Nepal and we would love to take you there and for you to make new friends. 

At Your Bangla Tour we offer 

  • Adventure trips to Bardiya national forest
  • Rafting at Trishuli River
  • Paragliding in Pukhara
  • Mountain flight
  • Elephant ride in Chitwan

As well as regular trips to Nagorkot, Kathmandu, Chitwan and Pukhara.

Speak with us first and you won’t be disappointed.

– Lincoln

Travel host of Your Bangla Tour

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