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Areas you must visit to explore Beautiful Bangladesh

Lawachara Rainforest /Tea garden

Suggested Activities: Visit tea garden, trekking, reaching different ethnic people, seven-layer tea shop, breathtaking scene for photos.

Outstanding feature of Lawachara rain forest: Largest group of Hoolock Gibbon in Bangladesh *155 species of birds  * Agar plants and more than 20 species of wild orchids * Easy access by road * Tripura and Khashia villages * Marked trails for 1/2 hour, one hour and three hours hikes.

Habitat flora and fauna:

This forest is semi-evergreen. The 20 mammal species include six primates, 246 birds, four amphibians, and six reptiles. Notable species include the Hoolock Gibbon; Capped Languor, Slow Loris, Pig-tailed Macaque, Orange-bellied Himalayan Squirrel, Barking Deer and Masked Civet. Most notable plants include a variety of spectacular orchids, that bloom in abundance during the rainy season.*

(Information provided by The Forest Department of Bangladesh)



Location: In the southwest of Bangladesh.

The Sundarban is the largest single block of tidal halophytic mangrove forest in the world. Sundarban literally means “beautiful jungle” or “beautiful forest” in the Bangla language. the name Sundarban also have been derived from the Sundari trees that are found in Sundarban in large numbers.

The Sundarban is very rich in wildlife. There are high profile and vulnerable mammal’s living in two contrasting environments and there are home to approximately Five hundred Bengal Tigers. Blue-eared kingfisher sighted in the Sundarban.

The Sundarban provides a unique ecosystem and extensive habitats for wildlife. Large number of people exploits this forest for timber, nipaleave (Gulpata), fish & honey

Outstanding features: Home of the Bengal Tiger, Spotted Deer, Iriwaddy Dolphin, and Estuarine Crocodile, * A rich avifauna (birds of the region) comprising of about 50% of bird species known in Bangladesh, * A refuge and passage for migrant and seasonal birds, Dominant species like Sundari, Gewa and Goran a total of 334 plant species, Thousands of hectares of unbroken and uninhabited wild nature.

(Information provided by the Forest Department of Bangladesh)

Suggested Activities: Canoeing, jungle safari, river cruising.

YBT selected three areas for visitors.

1. Karamjal,

2. Katka,

3. Kachikhali.

1.         Karamjal: One of the major entry points to the Sundarban. Located about 5 KM (45 Minutes ofboat from Mangla Sea Port).

Outstanding attractions:

  • Mangrove Arboretum,
  • View Dolphins at play in the Passur river on the way to Karamjal,
  • Elevated wooden trail inside forest and observation tower,
  • Deer and Crocodile rearing station,
  1. Katka: This is one of the most breathtaking spots in the region. It is the best place to see the Spotted Deer as they graze.  The elusive Royal Bengal Tiger may be sighted stalking the shores, crossing the canals or simply snoozing.

Outstanding Attractions: Spotted Deer herds in close proximity of forest house,

  • Jamtala watchtower for wildlife viewing
  • Canoeing in Katka Khal, . * Basking crocodiles  *Tiger spotting.
  1. Kachikhali: beach lovers will find Paradise here. Located 14 km east of Katka, Kachikhali has an isolated sea beach deep in the forest.

Outstanding attractions

    1. Virgin beach, b, View fluorescent plankton & luminescent fireflies at night c) Deer, crocodiles, monkeys and monitor lizards d) Tiger spotting

      Ancient Bengal Archeological sites

      Visit places that represent past glorious civilizations. These rich archeology sites played major roles in shaping the history and culture of Bangladesh. you must visit these sites to know the glorious past of Bangladesh.

      As former ambassador of Royal Norwegian Embassy, Bangladesh said “Cultural heritage gives identity to the society we live in. It also gives us reason to be proud of what our ancestors produced and achieved long time back. The conservation of the ancient Buddhist monastery in Paharpur is important, as it is a proof of the rich cultural heritage of Bangladesh”.

      Paharpur: what is said to be the second largest single Buddhist monastery south of the Himalayas built in the 8th century. The archaeological remains of Paharpur represent the most spectacular and magnificent monument in Bangladesh. This immense quadrangular monastery consists of 177 cells in its 4 wings with a pyramidal central shrine and numerous subsidiary structures in the vast courtyard and a number of subsidiary structures outside.

      The Paharpur Museum has a splendid collection of terracotta plaques, Buddhist religious art, relics, copper plates and other objects recovered by excavation

      Mohasthangarh: Mohasthangarh is the oldest settlement and the most prominent archaeological site of Bangladesh. The rich archaeological museum of Mohasthangarh has a rare collection of antiquities, terracotta objects with many other relics recovered from the site

      Kantajir Temple: the most spectacular monument with fabulous terracotta embellishment located north of Dinajpur Town.

      Chittagong Hill Tracts

      If you haven’t visited the Hill districts, you have yet to discover a big portion of the natural beauty of Bangladesh. Roads amidst green fields and winding hills will take you to the panoramic town of Khagrachhari, Lake Town of Rangamati and monument city of Bandarban.

      The Chittagong Hill Tracts comprise an area of 13,295 km2 in south-eastern Bangladesh, and borders India and Myanmar (Burma). Topographically, this is the only hill intensive area of Bangladesh. It is one of the few remaining abodes of Buddhism in South Asia, including Ladakh, Bhutan and Sri Lanka

       World’s longest beach and coral island

      Cox’s Bazaar is one of the most attractive tourist spot you must visit,  the longest sea beach in the world (approx. 120 km long). Miles of golden sands, towering cliffs, surfing waves, rare conch shells, colorful pagodas, Buddhist temples and delightful seafood–this is Cox’s Bazar

      St. Martins Island is the most beautiful Coral Island where you will find live corals. This small coral island about 10km (6mi) southwest of the southern tip of the mainland is a tropical clinch, with beaches fringed with coconut palms and bountiful marine life. You can walk around this small island.                             Exploring Beautiful Bangladesh, you must visit these sites .

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