Archeological tour

Ancient Bengal Archaeological tour

Visit places that represent past glorious civilizations. These rich archaeology sites played major roles in shaping the history and culture of Bangladesh.


Tour highlights: World Heritage sites, ancient Bengal civilization, one of the largest Buddhist monasteries, scenic Bangladesh countryside.

As former ambassador of Royal Norwegian Embassy, Bangladesh said “Cultural heritage gives identity to the society we live in. It also gives us reason to be proud of what our ancestors produced and achieved long time back. The conservation of the ancient Buddhist monastery in Paharpur is important, as it is a proof of the rich cultural heritage of Bangladesh”.

Paharpur: what is said to be the second largest single Buddhist monastery south of the Himalayas built in the 8th century. the archaeological remains of Paharpur represent the most spectacular and magnificent monument in Bangladesh. This immense quadrangular monastery consists of 177 cells in its 4 wings with a pyramidal central shrine and numerous subsidiary structures in the vast courtyard and a number of subsidiary structures outside.

The Paharpur Museum has a splendid collection of terracotta plaques, Buddhist religious art, relics, copper plates and other objects recovered by excavation

Mohasthangarh: Mohasthangarh is the oldest settlement and the most prominent archaeological site of Bangladesh. The rich archaeological museum of Mohasthangarh has a rare collection of antiquities, terracotta objects with many other relics recovered from the site

Kantajir Temple: the most spectacular monument with fabulous terracotta embellishment located north of Dinajpur Town.


Four days/three nights package for archeological sites

Optional: If visitor is arriving from abroad, we will provide airport pickup and overnight accommodations.

Day-1: Dhaka / Bogra /Dinajpur  

  • Early morning departure from Dhaka for a scenic drive to northern Bangladesh.  During the drive you will cross the Jamona River on the longest bridge in Bangladesh.
  • You stop for lunch in Bogra.   After lunch, visit the 4th century fortified city of Mohasthangarh and the museum. (optional)
  • Upon arrival in Dinajpur, you will check in the Dinajpur Parjatan Motel (National Tourism Corporation’s guest house). Enjoy free time until dinner.

Day-2: Dinajpur

  • Morning- Visit the Kantajer Temple, one of the best preserved temples with terracotta embellishment located north of Dinajpur Town.
  • Boxed lunch packed by the hotel enjoyed in the countryside.
  • After lunch – visit Ramshagor (second largest artificial lake in Bangladesh) – free time for games and other outdoor activities. Pack for next day travel.
  • Dinner and overnight stay at hotel.

Day-3: Dinajpur- Rajshahi

  • Breakfast at hotel. After loading vehicle, travel to Rajshahi.
  • Visit World Heritage site Paharpur- the second largest Buddhist monastery south of the Himalayas built in the 8th century.
  • Lunch en route.   
  • Take a leisurely walk on the banks of Padma River
  • Visit Mahale ethnic/language community. See a cultural program featuring JUMR dance and music. (depend on your interest and time)
  • Overnight stay. Packing for return to Dhaka
  • Overnight stay.


Day-4: Rajshahi–Dhaka

  • Breakfast. Load vehicle for return to Dhaka.
  • Travel by road to Dhaka. Lunch, tea and snack break en route.
  • Return to Dhaka late evening.

(optional) Begin the day with a visit to the Puthia Rajbari, a historically important Hindu Mandir. Beautiful palaces, Mosques and other historical sites and located in this area.  After lunch we continue our drive returning to Dhaka.  


*Special note:  Itinerary is subject to change by mutual agreement between guests, tour leader and guide. This itinerary is also subject to weather, road conditions and any political instability.  The needs and safety of our clients/guest is important to Your Bangla Tour.


*For students or study group we can arrange to visit and stay at local NGO dormitory where you can receive a short presentation on about Bangladeshi NGO and micro credit


Optional: By Air Dhaka to Dinajpur, road travel to Rajashahi via Bogura/ Paharpur returns to Dhaka by air from Rajashahi.


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