Our Vision


In the postmodern age, travel has evolved from a leisure activity of the privileged class to an act of friendship, cultural appreciation and personal diplomacy. The tourist of the 21st century is acutely aware of concerns that mass tourism creates: pollution, use of natural resources and damage to the fragile ecosystem.

Your Bangla Tour has joined with the Wildlife and Nature Conservation Society of Bangladesh (WNCSB) to design tour packages that benefit our customers our country and cause the least amount of harm (if any) to the delicate environment.

As the director of the School of Environmental Sciences and president of WNCSB, Prof. Haroun Er Rashid, said “ Mass tourism disturbs the natural balance. The disturbance is created by facilities built for the visitor, the garbage they leave behind and often the noise they create.  In order to preserve nature, the presence of man must be unobtrusive.  Therefore it is necessary that natural areas of ecological importance should be visited by caring eco-minded tourists and not by large numbers of ordinary tourists.”

Your Bangla Tour follows this philosophy and has so modeled its approach to best service you and the environment at large.

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